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Why New Auto Data ?

Why New Auto Data?

Here are just a few reasons how New Auto Datacan benefit you.

  • Our robust databases enable us to select the right customers for your campaign.
  • Clients are putting a greater emphasis on quality, rather than quantity, of leads. We are dedicated to a quality campaign from start to finish.
  • We dynamically schedule campaign deployments based on the buyer’s action to increase engagement and your ROI.
  • We deliver all the benefits of an email marketing program integrated with proprietary technologies to provide you a one-stop shop for your marketing needs.
    New Auto Data provides clients of all sizes and marketing budgets a way to manage and maintain their marketing universe.

Make an Impact
Our New Auto Data marketing solutions increase available sales ready leads, while decreasing your cost and time to acquire quality leads. We determine which customers to attract for your campaign from our robust database and targeting techniques. We engage the customer through a variety of tailored messaging that can include email, direct mail, and targeted banner ads.

We work with you to convert engaged leads, grow your marketing universe, and to provide cost effective data processing and marketing solutions that work.

We’ve learned a lot over 38 years, which enables New Auto Data to pass this knowledge on to our clients. This has earned the respect of our clients as trusted advisors that can deliver unmatched, quality data solutions. We’ve witnessed many industry changes and continue to grow to adapt to the burgeoning digital marketing space. We offer a variety of digital marketing services; including email data, email hygiene, email append and deployment; as well as Geofencing solutions and an array of general Display Advertising services.

This combination of digital and data solutions means that we fully optimize our clients’ customer acquisition strategies and maximize their return on marketing spend.

Are you ready ?
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