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Email subscription services designed to fit your email marketing objective!

How often should you send email to your marketing universe?
That depends on your objective. Our subscription services can be customized based on your objectives. Whether you’re looking to reach your marketing universe on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly base we have a subscription that will fit your needs. Our subscription services are great for businesses looking to increase brand awareness or promote special offers.

How does a subscription work?
Work with our team to select a subscription that fits your objective. For instance, say you have a back to school promotion. Your goal is to reach your marketing universe a minimum of four times the month prior to the start of the school year. You don’t have a creative team to design your HTML and need assistance. We’ve got you covered. We will handle everything from your creative to deployment, and post-deployment.

The following is an example of one of our subscriptions. If your marketing universe doesn’t fall within the guidelines or you need to reach your audience six times we’ll customize a subscription that meets your objectives.


Marketing Universe Select Select your marketing universe using hundreds of demographic and lifestyle elements.
Deploy & Re-deploy Deploy a minimum of 4 email deployments to your marketing universe.
Quantities 0-10,000 Records
Creative Design Services We can help develop an HTML creative that will get delivered.
Reporting In-depth reporting includes: Opens, Clicks, Soft Bounces, Hard Bounces, Unsubscribe, Clicks, etc. Reporting also includes the email application and device the subscriber used to open your email.
Post-deployment Our team will re-deploy follow-up emails to the responders who showed an interest in your product or offer. We can tailor a campaign to send the “openers” a second message, while the “clickers” will receive another.

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