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Email Appending

Email Appending

You’ve built a great list of your customers with postal information, now it’s time to find their email addresses and market to them. New Auto Data can append email addresses to your customer or prospect lists that are comprised of business or residential addresses. By appending email addresses to your database, you enhance your ability to reach customers, re-engage less active customers, and increase brand awareness.

We verify every appended email file before providing to our clients and work hard to provide our clients the most accurate match. This process helps eliminate invalid email addresses to protect your sender reputation and ensure optimal deliverability. We can help you build successful email marketing campaigns by leveraging our email append services today!

What is “Email Appending”?
This process simply matches (appends) an email address to a list of names and addresses based on specified criteria. This list could be your customers or prospects and comprised of businesses or residential addresses — we can match on both types!

Your data file is matched against a number of nationwide postal and email files consisting of hundreds of millions of records. When we find a match, we’ll append the email address to the record and increase your ability to communicate across multiple channels.

What are the benefits to email appending?
It is direct, instant, and quantifiable. It allows you to market to your customers or prospects in different ways. With an appended email address, New Auto Data helps you enhance your data intelligence! We empower you to further target consumers and implement a successful multi-channel marketing campaign. Below are some of the benefits you receive when using New Auto Data’s Email Append services:

  • Increase conversion opportunities
  • Generate repeat sales
  • Up-sell and cross-sell products and services
  • Gain feedback from your consumers
  • Brand recognition for offline purchases
  • Saves time and money


STEP # 1

Getting Started
We’ll need a list of customer names and postal address. We have various match levels depending on your data type. If it’s a residential list, we’ll at least need their postal address and preferably name. For businesses, company name and postal address is preferred. We can work with most data formats and can discuss questions you might have.

We know your privacy is important, so be assured that your information will always be protected within our secure data center located within our facility

STEP # 2

Clean & Standardize
In order to provide the best match rate possible, New Auto Data will take your customer database and perform the hygiene and standardization process. We will remove duplicate records and run your data through several postal address hygiene processes including the USPS CASS Certification. This allows for higher match rate and deliverability on the append process.

STEP # 3

Match & Append
Superior data quality and multi-sourcing our append and verify process sets us apart from our competitors. Providing both positive and negative identifications to our match logic we are able to identify the right individual with the right email address at either the individual or household level.

STEP # 4

Email Confirmation & Engagement
Once we have matched records, the email addresses are verified as deliverable and then sent an engagement message. This message is deployed through the New Auto Data platform on your behalf to confirm deliverability.

STEP # 5

Results from Engagement Campaign
All undeliverable hard-bounce emails are omitted and opt-out responders are flagged in your results file.

STEP # 6

Final Standardize & Quality Check
The final results file will be returned to you with the deliverable email addresses attached. We will also provide you with a file of “opt-out” records to be suppressed in your future email marketing programs.

STEP # 7

Delivery of Fresh New Marketing Emails
New Auto Data will return your original file with your new customers’ email addresses appended at the end of each record. Still want to know more about your customers? Click here to read about our demographic append and profiling services.

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