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Our Turbo Count & Order System allows customers instant access to hundreds of data elements, the ability to run their own counts, place orders, generate invoices and has private label capabilities. There are no costs to set up and use, so it’s budget friendly!

Turbo gives you access to data points for every household and business in the US. You can customize your list with hundreds of demographics and target specific geographies. We are transparent with the data you’re receiving and allow you to review and analyze your data, BEFORE you buy the list. Once you’re ready, you can download your custom list for immediate use on your next marketing campaign.

Soon after you register, you’ll receive a user ID and password, and be ready to go. Just log in, choose your geography and list criteria, run your count, and review your results. If you’re happy with the count, submit your order and download your list. It’s that easy!

You can always count on New Auto Data’s data quality, accuracy, & deliverability.
We stand behind every list we sell. Guaranteed!

Turbo is not only a sophisticated online count system available, it is also one of the fastest. Most counts are returned within minutes of executing the request and orders are available within an hour. Select your criteria, submit the count, and download the list. It’s really that easy! The Turbo Count & Order system can be accessed via any of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari.

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