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Phantom Finder

Phantom Finder

Eliminate Wasteful “Phantom Records” From Your Database

Phantom Finder
is New Auto Data’s patented “negative merge/purge” process that identifies as much as 30% of files with incorrect names. This process significantly reduces mailing and postage costs for a higher return on investment.

Marketers no longer need to be concerned about sending personalized messages to the wrong hands. Through New Auto Data’s proprietary negative merge/purge process Phantom Finder will identify and flag prospects that are not “who they appear” to be. It is important to direct your mailing efforts to the “right person” to prevent wasted marketing messages, expensive marketing materials and postage costs.

New Auto Data developed Phantom Finder using the highest quality multi-sourced consumer database in the industry, ConsumerVision. By using this service, you can add confidence to your direct mail campaign.

Phantom Finder is essential for any type or size of a direct mail campaign.

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