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Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

New Auto Data marketing solutions help businesses grow through a suite of products. Our wide variety of marketing solutions is aimed to help you connect with your customers and prospects. Each solution was designed to help you improve your sales and marketing ROI. Whether you need a way to verify telephone numbers and addresses, a source of leads or a branded email deployment platform, New Auto Data marketing solutions has you covered.


New Auto Data has developed an application to verify individual telephone numbers and addresses. Once the information is validated, New Auto Data will return the associated name, address, and demographic data. Our API service can ensure you’re receiving accurate data as well.


Create consumer and business data lists with Turbo List Count & Order System. Turbo is our proprietary online count and order system. Our sophisticated system is easy to use! Just select your criteria, run the count, review results, and download you data.

Private Label

This New Auto Data service provides you the keys to a powerful email deployment platform that will impress your friends and connect you with customers. Our fully customizable private label allows you to take control of your clients’ email marketing programs.

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