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Owner: Mark Sampson. Greenville SC.

Mark Sampson began his automotive career at Taylor Buick in Downtown Toledo, Ohio. He quickly rose through the ranks and became the UCM with purchasing inventory. From there he took over the dealership’s advertising and training allowing him to create a very lucrative operation. He was able to drive the used car sales from last place in the NCM 20 group to the #1 position for several years.

In 1992 came along Taylor Cadillac, and in 1998 Taylor KIA. Mark started the KIA dealership in the used car department , he was able to see the value in KIA before it became well known company. He was able to make Taylor KIA store the largest volume KIA dealer in the United States.

In 2004 Mark moved down South to Greenville, South Carolina to manage a Toyota and Hyundai. He was able to help the dealership set Best of the Best Retail Sales Records in all departments.

In 2009 Mark moved down to Texas for an opportunity he could not resist. Mark was able to help a store averaging 250 units to increase sales to 750 units a month, and broke all preexisting records. This dealership increased in value so much, that it was later sold to a large well known automotive corporation.

So what is Mark’s secret to continued success?

He swears by the power of advertising and now with Direct and Digital Mail.

In every dealership Mark has worked at he has always sworn by aggressive Direct and Digital Mail campaigns. He believes that Direct Mail is the most sure way of getting customers to the showroom.

Mark has been able to help countless dealerships find success through Direct and Digital Mail!

Now let him help you


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Call : 1.888.338.3661